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Dont come for the weather, or maybe do...

When I meet visitors to these emerald shores I often find myself apologizing for the weather, often it is raining and the difference between summer and winter is the heat of the water. Well it has been pointed out to me that people don't come to Ireland for the weather and someone from say Arizona is glad to feel a bit of rain on their face. It is easy for a local to forget that the lush verdant fields is as a direct consequence of the fact that it is "lashin" most of the time.

When the sun shines it truly illuminates what is the most beautiful scenery anywhere on the earth and feels special but the rain makes a change for someone who, when back home, gets 360 days of sun a year. There is nowhere it is better to be seen than in the 9 Glens of Antrim, a special, mystical fairytale land that, through a combination of geology, weathering and generations of toil has been shaped to perfection. There is a song "The green glens of Antrim" and it goes

Far across yonder blue Lies a true paradise With the sea rippling over The shingle and spice

Where the gay honeysuckle Is luring the bee And the green glens of Antrim Are calling to me

If only you knew How the light of the moon Turns a blue Irish bay To a silver lagoon ........

The place is utterly magical and well worth a visit

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